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Welcome! If you’ve arrived here through a redirected domain name associated with the professional business email accounts we manage for our clients, we’re delighted to have you. While the domain may not be linked to a website just yet, we’ve created this informative landing page to assist you.

Are you interested in obtaining professional business email accounts for your own business or organization? Allow us to explain why signing up is a decision worth considering!

What is a business email address?

Elevate your business image with a personalized business email address. Instead of using generic providers like Gmail or Yahoo, opt for an email address that reflects your organization or company name. For instance, john.banda@companyname.com. This professional touch demonstrates credibility and fosters a positive impression, particularly when engaging in international business. Don’t settle for generic addresses like john.banda2022@gmail.com or companyname@yahoo.com. Upgrade to a professional business email account and enhance your brand reputation today.

Why free generic email account is BAD for business.

Boost trust and credibility in the global business landscape with a personalized business email address. Free generic email accounts raise doubts and hinder trust among customers and businesses. This is especially crucial when engaging in international business beyond your local borders. Choose a professional email address that reflects your brand identity, leaving a positive impression on recipients. Gain trust, establish credibility, and unlock new opportunities by upgrading to a personalized business email address today.

Why you need Professional Business Email Accounts.

  • Enhance professionalism and build credibility by using a custom business email address, fostering trust among customers.
  • Improve brand recognition with an easy-to-remember email address that carries your business name, supporting effective branding efforts.
  • Establish legitimacy and seriousness in the eyes of potential customers through a professional business email address.
  • Leverage each email sent to promote your brand by using your business name, maximizing brand visibility and impact.

Features of our Professional Business Email Accounts solution.

  • 5GB space per email account available, full back-up when needed available.
  • Mobile access so you have email on the go.
  • Plans for 4 or more email accounts available as needed to meet your organization’s needs.
  • Anti-Spam protection, secure two-step login features and branded to your business brand.

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