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Hello! You might have landed here from a re-directed domain name of one of the many client domains we manage professional business email accounts for. The domain is yet to be pointed to a website so we provide this informational landing page.

Would you like to get professional business email accounts for your business or organization as well? Here’s why you need to consider signing up too!

What is a business email address?

A business email address has your organization or company name instead of the generic “gmail” or “yahoo” account, for example: john.banda@companyname.com. Businesses may sometime start out with the free generic email accounts, but this is not professional and doesn’t speak well to your prospects especially when doing business internationally. For example: john.banda2022@gmail.com or companyname@yahoo.com.

Why free generic email account is BAD for business.

Since anyone can create a free generic email account, it becomes harder for would be customers and other businesses to trust emails from such email addresses. This is more especially important when you are looking to do business globally beyond your own country.

Why you need Professional Business Email Accounts.

  • A custom business email address looks more professional. (increases credibility and in turn, trust)
  • It is also easier to remember for branding purposes as it carries your business name.
  • A professional business email address shows your potential customer that you are a legitimate and serious business.
  • Sending emails with your own business name allows you to promote your brand with each email you send.

Features of our Professional Business Email Accounts solution.

  • 5GB space per email account available, full back-up when needed available.
  • Mobile access so you have email on the go.
  • Plans for 4 or more email accounts available as needed to meet your organization needs.
  • Anti-Spam protection, secure two-step login features and branded to your business brand.

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